Case Study

Our e-business mindshare platform enabled CompuTronic to capture peer-to-peer platforms while creating new social ecologies.  Their earnings reflect their new e-presence.

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Welcome to Global Solutions Test

Global Solutions, Inc. is a world leader in solutions for business.  We offer tools that make your business practically
run itself!  Our award-winning tools have been created for businessmen, by businessmen.

Synergize and Capitalize

Our patent-pending technology lets y ou tap the Web 2.0 market, with synergystic paradigms that shift the market segment automatically.  Sit back and watch as Global Solutions enables your business to:

  • Incentivize efficient markets
  • Morph 24/365 paradigms
  • Target visionary e-markets
  • Accelerate e-business applications
  • Re-think core ideals
  • Embrace integrated models
  • Deploy enterprise paradigms
  • Engage next-generation technologies
  • Discover untapped market segments


This system covers all the bases - our patented IM TARDED® approach will quadruple your market cap overnight.

Industry News

  • 1/12/2009 - Global Solutions Incentivizes RSS-capable Ad Delivery
  • 1/12/2009 - Global Solutions Integrates Long-tail Platforms
  • 1/12/2009 - Business Leader Global Solutions Integrates Social Synergies to Web 2.0 E-Platform